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Started by audio, April 11, 2007, 09:29:48 PM

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Hi all,
When I finished creating ad, in the ad management > EDIT, it will display 2 ad location. Why?
It also show 2 ad in same location.
Ex :
I'm creating Ad in Welcome Area and name it : Forum Welcome for all pages/boards...
I see 2 Forum Welcome. I create ad text: "Your Ad here"
And In Welcome Area, I show 2 ad "Your Ad here" side by side...
Is it normal? How to fix it?


Check index.template.php and make sure the ad code is only there once.


Ok, It solved some ad position, thanks alot...
But I still have problems with "below menu" ads, it still show 2 ad...
And how can it happen? is it a bug?


Try checking all template files that were edited (4) for duplicate code.