Please Help NOT Appear ADS !

Started by Armaan, February 25, 2007, 10:42:33 AM

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I m using Adsense codes.

It does appear for Administrators , but NOT for other members !

Can you please tell me what to do now?  :(

My current theme is , Enterprise by Bloc

And here i did this all...


QuoteJust like in the previous versions, you can have permissions on who is able to view the ads. By default everyone views the ads. To deny users from viewing ads, you go into Admin > Permissions > Modify (the group you want to change the permission for.

But after that unable to do / find this option "Enable Ads" where it is particularly tell me plz?

You then look for the title "Enable ads" and either disallow or allow the ad code to display.


It's in your permissions  for each member group


Try this
go to
Admin > Permissions
than enable ads for the groups you want
that is all
have a nice day!!


Missing that  Option "Enable Ads" at Permission...... Althout mod installed properly.

Any guess why this is happening?


If you are using a custom theme I would check in the language file for that theme and then to the file "modifications.english.php" and see if the edits are done there.