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Started by yeehaa, December 13, 2006, 08:52:15 AM

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SMF 1.1 Final, default blue theme-

Adsense is displaying in a weird way-

On some pages it looks like this-

Other pages it looks like this-

I want it to always post 3 ads, not 1.

Any way to force this?



I have the same thing on my forums with ads like that. The problem is the google adsense spider can't sign into your forum so it can read the content of the page so they have no idea what to add. Any page that is veiwable to guest the spiders can read, hope that helps.

As for you ads in posts. If you want more ads just repeat the code and if you want it to show up in different post just use something like 1,3,5 or whatever spacing you want.


It actually picks up the correct content, but sometimes displays the 1 huge ad instead of the 3 small ones on the same page.


Its up to google to choose. Theres probably some option somewhere.. i can't exactly check for you. I'm banned from google adsense ;) lol

NIce one jerm, how'd you get banned from google adsense?  Also, I have a problem with my adsense on smf.  two ads show up when I choose under menu.  SMF is nice but just like any other new program, it takes getting used to.  My main problem is that the updates go directly to the default when I use dilbermc causing me to manually update the code. 


I don't really know how i got banned, and they would never tell me the real reason.
If two ads are showing up, that probably means the code is there twice. Open up index.template.php and look to see if theres double the code.