Edits for ad_mod_1-1-1_v2-3

Started by bigguy, January 11, 2007, 07:42:32 PM

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Quote from: "url=]toofaan in ~Edits for ad_mod_1-1-1_v2-3~[/url]"]

For having a dialogue please try to fulfill my requirements
   Instruction on getting PAY-ME mod installation Help

First steps are devoted to moving our further posts from this forum
to your forum and my forum.
Instruction on getting Help on PAY-ME (AdManagement) mod installing.
Your GRItoadMIXes


Im confused, Im not instaling manually.. I did a complete install to my custom theme. here is my site,
My ads dont show up. So how and what do I edit? thanks in advance


In a custom theme you have to install manually for any template files that are listed in the mod that are in your custom theme need to be edited.


Quote from: ideasworld on April 13, 2008, 01:28:49 AM
Thanks for the post, but I could not fine these files

Quoteecho '

and when I replace
Quote// Get all the messages...
Quote//Ad Counter
   $adcounter =0;
   // Get all the messages...
   while ($message = $context['get_message']())
, i get errors.

Please, i want the ads centered and not aligned to the left. How do i rotate the ad?, like showing a different ad when the page refreshed. 
Please help me out.  :police:

Idealsworld I can't I can't get this thing to work either on 1.15 but I can help you. Most php editors will not pick up two lines of codes so just type in echo '
and look for </div>';[/  right under echo '. there are lots of echo ' but only one with
</div>';[/ under it. Hope this helps. Now if I could just get this thing to work myself. LOL



Well here is one for you guys to sort out. Tryed for the 10 time to install this mod on smf 1.1.5. Tried the pagage manager first. Got test failed  on two line so I decided to try it manually I figured I had another mod conflicting with it. We now I get a nice error message and no acces to forum.
Table 'smf.smf_ads' doesn't exist
File: C:\smf\Sources\LoadAds.php
Line: 33

Update  this is a super mod just what I needed. I was a dummy and didn't run the querys correct. Thanks to germ and bigguy



@up: The same happen when I run install.php supplied with the mod. I have to reinstall SMF. I gotta add that I have installed the mod manually because I forget about PM.

Can someone tell me how to do it on the DS-Natural theme by beacuse I am struggling with this so much that I want just to have it done :(

EDIT: Me and other admins decided to close the forum. Never mind :)



This mod seems very good and I had no problem installing and using it on the default 1.1.5 theme, but I'm trying to install it on "RengliTheme" and I'm having no luck.  Could you please tell me what I need to edit exactly.  I'm no programmer so I really need basic instructions. I understand that I only have to edit 4 files (I think).  But I'm having trouble finding where those files are because for example there are multiple uses of <td/> etc...

This is a very new site and it only has a few mods: 

Mod Name Version 
1. Wrapper Mod 0.1
2. Ad Managment 2.3
3. Blog (for 1.1.5) 1.11 (downloaded but no longer installed)
4. RateThatTopic

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!


Need help please.

Version of SMF:1.1.6
Version of Ad Mod:2.3
Theme being used:Agisti by Fakdordes  (to view
Are the files clean: I have - Ad Managment 2.3/AddThis Social Bookmarks 1.0/Contact Page 1.1 and SMF Sitemap 1.2.1

and Thank You.


Can anyone help me?
I try'd but I failed  :-\

Version smf: 1.1.6
Ad mod: 2.3 (latest)
Theme: A FerryTema v2 (See for a preview)
I don't have anything else installed....

Thanks for take'ing the time to help me!


NM, duh moment.   ;)