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Hello ! I have a problem with the Ad management mod.

Started by TuShiK, March 09, 2008, 05:44:16 AM

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Hello i just installed smf forum 1.1.4 and also added the Ad Management 2.3 .
I installed it  , i set up the code name and options , i set up the permission so everybody can see the adds but it is just not working. nobody sees the ads , not even administrators. I am using the default theme.
I have tried anything , i have searched for answers but i can`t find anything relevant ! Please help.
the forum url is



SO what was the solution I am having the same problem. No matter what I do nobody sees the ads?


i had this problem, if you go onto each members group permission there is a section thats gives you the option of who sees them make sure each one is cheackerd for every usergroup


I ince had this problem, but it's a permission issue. On the left panel when u login as admin, under members, click permission and click permission by membergroup on top, open member group like guest and check the box "Enable ads" Do same for all member groups u would want to see ur ads.