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AdMod makes too many updates to the database ! Disable reporting ?

Started by hartiberlin, December 22, 2006, 04:13:35 PM

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I have a problem.

I only have 30.000 updates per hour on my hosting platform
from my hoster. This is my hosting limit

Now I have installed SMF 1.1.1 plus Tinyportal 0.97 and SMF_Ads
latest version and I get per page about 3 to 5 updates written to the database...
when I show banner ads inside the topics.

I see, this is used for the report function of SMF_Ads.

Can the report function be disabled and thus reduce the updates to the database ?
I can not see, where I could disable the reporting...

Here is a thread about finding this problem:

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.


LoadAds.php (in sources)
Look for:
$request = db_query("
UPDATE {$db_prefix}ads
SET hits = hits+1
WHERE ADS_ID = $id", __FILE__, __LINE__);

Change to:
$request = db_query("
UPDATE {$db_prefix}ads
SET hits = hits+1
WHERE ADS_ID = $id", __FILE__, __LINE__);