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2 Ads at the buttom don´t work...

Started by hartiberlin, October 21, 2006, 05:08:12 AM

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I just made a banner ad from ebay revelance
ads and also clicked, that it should be placed
at the buttom of every page.

Then I added another ad
which had just javascript in it
and said, it should only display at the buttom
of the page and then the ebay banner was not displayed
at the buttom, but only the javascript Kontera Content ad.

I use SMF 1.1 RC3 with Admod V2_RC3

Many thanks.


DO you have any errors in your error log. ???


Yes hartiberlin, 2 ADs at the bottom (next to each other!) do not work. It works if you put them over each other - put them both sepearte in two tags:
Look here:

<div align="center"> Ad-Text 1</div> <div align="center"> Ad-Text 2</div>

are you from Germany?


I didn´t mean both left and right at each other side by side,
but to use 2 different ads in the ad management admin area.

If you want 2 banner at the buttom you must probably copy both banner
codes into 1 ad and just only click:
Display this banner at the bottom of the forum...

P.S: Yes, I am from Berlin, Germany.