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Started by garry, June 21, 2006, 03:45:50 AM

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I know you can put an Add after the first or second post 

is there a way to put one after " say every 5th or 6 th post ", as an example

Jump1979man the instructions.....type 5,6 or whatever and it will do it.


Thanks for the comeback

QuoteThe next option is ?Display ads within posts?. This works the same way as our previous field, only here you are inputing were in between the posts you want the ads to be displayed. So if you want the ads to be displayed between the first and third posts, then in this field you would put ?1,3? (no quotes).

I read this as displaying the add between the first and 3rd post which I understand

I guess my question is now  does it start counting over after it displays the add

I havent got any posts yet so I cant test it yet 

Just reinstalled everything and havent had  time to play


I will only display the ad after the posts that you tell it to. Like this forum an ad was placed after the 3 post, another one will appaer after the 9th I think, then thats it.