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Working with my custom theme

Started by agent9, November 09, 2010, 01:39:52 AM

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I need some help with my custom theme.
Ad Manager is working on the default, but my manual installs are failing.
I tried to look at the default theme its working on to see where the changes go, but I didn't see them there. Should I be able to?


ok I have it almost working.
Only issue is it is always showing ads in the welcome area.

I did leave these lines off my index.template for welcome ads, but I'm not sure where to ad them.
Attached is my index.template.
You can see my smf forum at

Here are the lines I left out:

      <search position="before"><![CDATA[                     </td>]]></search>
                     //Welcome Ads
                     if (function_exists("show_welcomeAds"))
                        $ads = show_welcomeAds();
                           echo '<td class="windowbg2">';
                              echo $ads['content'];
                           echo '</td>';
                  echo ']]>