Members can't view ads.

Started by fakoykas, August 03, 2009, 05:07:57 PM

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Hey i installed your mod and i got a problem, i as admin of the forum can view all the ads but normal members can't.

Any explanation to that?


just go to permissions and enable ads for all the other users


Thanks man.....problem solved as u advices

thank you



What about if you don't want members to see it, but you DO want visitors (or anyone who is not logged in) to see the ads.

Is there a way to classify ads by:
- ads that visitors can see
- ads that members can see

I look forward to hearing from you!!!


Just admin -> permissions -> modify guests

Set Enable ads.
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Thanks! That helped to make visitors or "guests" be able to see the ads!

Now, is there a way to divide the ads into ones that can be seen by guests, and ones that can be seen by members...

We want to advertise to our guests "Join this forum" and other ads.

To our members we ONLY want to advertise specific industry things, like certification training for instance.

Any ideas?

And thank you for your quick response!