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Fantastic Mod!!!

Started by postalchat, February 24, 2010, 08:03:02 PM

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    I just wanted to say that i'm very excited about this mod. Its ability to ad ads to the forum is a godsend!!! I just finished building a new site at, though i'm still slowly adding new boards to the forum. Nothing fancy but i think it may have some good potential to be successful. At first it seems that Occassionally some of the ads appear in Spanish instead of English. Which is odd, however, in my case i think it may actually be good for the following reason. My forum caters to postal workers (the largest group of people employed in america by the way), as such many of them happen to be spanish or spanish speaking people. I myself am an employee who works in some 15 different zip codes and find this to be the case. So, when some of the ads come up in spanish it may actually attract more clicks. Also, it seems that the spanish ads, sometimes, are animated cartoons which is kinda cool if you have ever seen them. I have many different categories on my forum. For example i have boards to discuss stocks and mutual funds. A great thing about the ad mod is that when someone goes to say my stocks board the ads change to match the content of that particular board. So i can have many boards with many different categories and, as a result, i will have ads that cover a broad spectrum of different subjects instead of ads that are all focused on just one category. First, i want to tell people i know about my new forum to get some people to start posting. Then i can create a postcard size ad to advertize my site and mail them to: Regular carrier & sub. Route 1 anytown, ny 12345. I can mail it directly to the carrier on rout 1 for example or route 2 or route 3 and so on to any town and zip code. The card will advertize the site and will tell the carrier to pass it to his/her coworkers. The way it is addressed it will go right to the carrier of any route number i choose, just add the town state and zipcode. I figure i need only 1 or 2 cards per post office. My goal in a few years or so is to get 1% of the postal workforce to use my forum which is a cool some 7,000 people. It might be a stretch but i'm hoping it works. For now though i'm just keeping my fingers crossed. What helps is all the other domain names i own like, plus some 10 others so that whatever they happen to type in it goes to automatically. I know i'm rambling here and i appologize. I really think this mod is Excellent!!! Thank you so much for creating it!!!!!!!