SMF 1.1.11 + Ad Package 2.3 Gives Single Forum Page and No Access to Forum

Started by jerryaz, December 13, 2009, 11:15:05 PM

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There appears to be a bug when one desires to position an ad on the Welcome page of the SMF Forum using the default core theme.  (This technique is in Bill Meyers instructional video.  It used to work under 1.1.10. 

This bug causes the header to come back only with Google ads displayed on top right but rest of screen is empty and one has no access to rest of the forum including administration functions to recover.

I was able to get my site back by playing games with the server code by renaming LoadADS.php in the Source file which freed up the web pages and giving me a nasty message that the software couldn't find the module.  Then I renamed the file back to original name, turned off the ad selection bit for display on the welcome page, save the persistent value to MYSQL I suspect, refreshed again and walla--everything is okay including the ads displaying and the bottom and middle of the forum pages.  (Don't think I'll try placing ads there again for awhile until I hear more from support on a fix. 

I'm not a web programmer but have programmed a lot in the past on MF machines.  Got lucky I guess.