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dropping an ad into, or next to a post or topic. or using php?

Started by thellie, July 03, 2009, 01:01:25 AM

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i'm not sure if this is in the wrong area, but it will be a request if it cannot be currently achieved.

anyway - i love this app, and it's giving me lots of freedom to place ads where i want them. but i am wondering whether you can put ads so that they only appear next to specific or topics. i have trawled around searching for the answer here, but cannot see one..

i have a donations board and each topic is a separate donation subject. i'd like it so that there is a donation 'hall of fame' list next to the main area (easy, done it already), but also a breakdown of donations for each project next to an individual topic.

i'll keep on looking but if anyone can save me time, thanks.


to clarify, which i think i need to:

the board is to promote individual projects which need donations, for instance to help karen hilltribes in mae sot, thailand...

so next to the board, i want to have a list of all donations (i have made this as a php coded ad, pulling from our dbase)...

but when people click onto the specific topic (ie karen...) i want them to see the list that shows donations relating to that project only)...

so basically, i want to be able to stick an ad next to a topic :)