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helios-multi - no ads showing - help

Started by RiverWoman, July 01, 2009, 03:34:05 PM

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I installed SMF 1.1.9 and downloaded and installed the ad_mod_v2-3-1_SMF_v1-1-x .  Everything installed fine, however it duplicates each ad I enter, and then won't show on the board anywhere.  I've taken care of the permissions part.  I'm totally lost on how to get the ads (banners) to appear on any part of the forum.

Could someone help please?  I would be much obliged



I'm having the same problem with this theme Helios Multi design by Bloc. Everything installed fine, however the banners will not display any place in my forum. Not sure what to do next?
Please feel free to e-mail me directly at SM version 1.1.10   Would love to get this mod working correctly, however I'm an admitted newbie and not that "technical" teaching myself and learning as I go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :o


Did anyone find the answer for this problem i also have the same problem.