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Template Parse Error! pls help me out

Started by laneydotbiz, May 05, 2009, 09:14:09 AM

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I'm totally new to smf. in my attempt to add adsense code to my forum using classic theme i found out the following errors after trying to log in to my account:
"It seems something has gone sour on the forum with the template system. This problem should only be temporary, so please come back later and try again. If you continue to see this message, please contact the administrator.

You can also try refreshing this page."
Anyone with help or advice should pls. come to my rescue


Let somebody help please.I'm having exactly the same problem on my forum.After editing 
the template file for the ad mod,i started seeing this 'template parse error' and 'syntax error,unexpected '/ '.My posts can no longer be displayed if i log in.I'm using Kani 119 theme.