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Fine Tuning Ad locations

Started by vristang, March 29, 2009, 08:19:43 PM

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I have made the exact same post in the SMF Forum, but jerms sig listed this site for support.  So I figured I would post my question here...

I have a request for a minor change in the excellent mod....

I would like to display 2 ads, side by side in my header.
I have no idea how to make the coding changes to do this.

Also, I only have 2 advertisers right now, so it would be kinda cool if I could dedicate an ad to each location.

Just for clarification,
I am using the Babylon theme, so the bottom of my header is a row of buttons.  This mod placed the ads just below this row.  I like that location.
What I would like to have is an Ad on the Left, and an Ad on the Right.
And since I only have 2 Ads to choose from, I would like to take manual control over which Ad is displayed in each location.

I thought I saw somewhere that jerm no longer had time to fully support this mod and change requests.
If that's so, could someone else help me out... or atleast get me pointed in the right direction?

My Babylon theme has been set to a fixed width.  I would think this would have an impact?

Any help/direction would be appreciated...


<code for ad 1>&nbsp;<code for ad 2>