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Ads show only to administrators

Started by Digicamhelp, March 19, 2009, 07:29:20 AM

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Ads are showing to administrators only, not members of guests. I've looked at all the ad settings and, unless I missed something, can't find a solution. Please advise how to fix. Thank you.


I logged in because I have the same problem, I sign in using our staff account and there are no ads, only in admin...

but this question has not been answered so........ I dont know what to think


go to admin permisions then for each membergroup you want ads to show enable ads


I joined today for exactly the same reason, but found the answer from another post on here

then modify..
select (on the right hand side):
Ad Management
   Enable ads

Then do the same for other groups if needed.

Thanks for posting this, as I just realised that I only enabled them for Guests, members still would not have seen them.  So I have just followed my own advice, and checked the other groups aswell.