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Ads in triplicate

Started by sandmannd, March 04, 2009, 07:28:18 PM

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My site is at and I'm getting triple ads showing up. How do I fix this please? I've tried unistalling and reinstalling the mod and that's when it went from double to triple. I really need help on this one please.

Also, how do I put different banner ads showing on my home page under each board?


I dont mean to jack your thread but i am having the same issue. i installed the first time and nothing worked so i removed it and reinstalled. now it works, except everything is showing double. It is very much getting on my nerves. i have tried everything and really nead an answer to this. >:(   >:(


   >:(          Now i am angery. this stupid mod also reset my whole forum back to original and 0. because of this mod, all my work has been for nothing. Cant even get an answer from this guy.


If you look in edit ads, all ads show up twice. but if you delete one both copies go


Has there still not been a response? I am having the same issue.....


having the same problem does anybody have an answer?


browsing around looking for answers brought me here. i see people got the same problem.