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Suggestion for everyone

Started by tuler, January 24, 2009, 12:13:34 AM

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I love this Mod!  One of the things that I've done to enhance it is to use OpenX on top of it.  So, I've installed this mod and then placed the OpenX invocation code where you would normally place the code for the ad.  Then I can better manage the ads from OpenX with things like priority weighting, disabling ads on specific dates or after a set number of impressions.

I just thought I'd share that with everyone as I've had some good success with it.


Fantastic news I was going to ask / suggest these items allowing it to grow.

The type of add system I've used in the past however were a php system allowed the client to login and see how their add (only) has worked, how many times it has been seen each month, the number of clicks to their site and a link they can change allowing them to host their image and it updating our site.

It also provided a great reporting function for admin allowing us to review the details and providing a reported email on their campaign.

Allowed a date period for auto stoppage, and the number of impressions to start with as well as a count down.

Allowing admin to priorities the ads so major supporters were shown more than a standard advertiser for example......

I would have now hesitation in purchasing this type of system and look forward to the development from this site, you guys have provided some great work and I thank you for it.


I am not able to run the OpenX code. No banners appear whatsoever