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Ad Management Problems

Started by Fibonacci, January 19, 2007, 08:55:36 AM

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New to SMF here.

Recently installed the Ad mod, but I am having a problem with Adding Adsense via the Add management.  When I add a single add, the Add is saved two times.  This is with the SMF Default Core theme.

For example:

1. I receive the add code for Ad sense
2. Go to the forumn
3. Click the Add Management under Config
4. Click Add Ads
5. Name the code "Bird"
6. Paste the code
7. Check HTML as the Type
8. Check Display Ads on Every page as a tower on the right side
9. Select Modify

Now if I look at the add management...I have two "bird"s listed.  The ads also display two of the same size right next to each other.  If I try to remove one of them from the add management it removes both.

Am I missing something



umm.. is there anything in your error log?


Same problem...but four times with a simple banner with a link