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A story I just found

Started by bigguy, August 24, 2006, 12:17:21 PM

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This is kinda interesting:

QuoteCybersquatters and typosquatters have stepped up efforts to get rich quick, and businesses and consumers are paying the price.

While Cybersquatting and typosquatting, the practices of registering domain names that violate a company's trademark, aren't new, experts said Wednesday they're fast becoming a cash cow for thieves who want to turn a quick profit through pay-per-click advertising made profitable by Google Inc. and others.

Microsoft this week launched an enforcement campaign, along with several lawsuits, targeting cybersquatters and typosquatters who illegally profit from online ads through the misuse of intellectual property and Internet domain names.

"We're not certain of how much they're making and who they are working with, but we believe that many owners of these sites work through well-known established online ad networks," said Aaron Kornblum, Microsoft's Internet safety enforcement attorney. "Most times these networks work with them unknowingly."

Kornblum said Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. operate similar types of advertising networks, and Microsoft is working with them to "address the problem."

Greenberg Traurig LLC intellectual property attorney Ian Ballon said cybersquatters spoof legitimate Web sites and register them with Google's ad service.