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Weird Problem

Started by Artcell, November 11, 2007, 04:50:45 AM

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I've added that Ad management 2.3 on my smf forum ( 1.1.4 ) it was working good when i installed...but after few times i found e weird error like when i added one ADD frm Ad control panel it shows me 2 add and in the main page i found 2 ad's..where i need one a screenshot..hope you guys will understand...
thanks in advance.


I am having the same problem except my link shows up 3 times...if I delete one, they all delete. Hope someone can tell us what we are doing wrong....can't figure it out.



I am having the same issue where adds show in tripple.

Started off they where showing in double....I read some of the topics that said delete duplicate files in the themes. Tried go. Also tried unistal..delete...and installed again. No go.

Now my adds are in tripple.

Need some help here...I am not a programmer so I am no good with code if it's a code issue.

Or is there simply a patch fix.

PM or email me if you have the answer it would be appreciated.


i have the same problem - any news on this one