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Quick Question..

Started by Cholo, August 06, 2006, 09:45:28 PM

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Is this code that I should be looking for or instructions on what to do? This is found in the first box of the sticky on how to edit themes other than the default in order for the ad mod to work properly. I'm confused about what this is exactly. Thanks.

This is inside the first box marked "code":

"These are the default edits for the ad mod taken right from the install.xml file. These are the edits you should do on other themes, as all the other edits will install fine.

In your theme directory you want to modify, in "index.template.php" find:

<body>'; "


Yes thats right. I have to fix that first code box yet, thanks for bringing it to my attention.


(sorry, I didn't copy and paste correctly in my post and I just noticed). So, the first box is instructions and not code I'm looking for right?


The first box is fixed now and does read as it should.


 Excellent. Thanks bigguy.  :)