Google Ads not showing up on front page

Started by bozoboy, September 12, 2007, 08:46:50 AM

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When i entered i saw that my front page doesn't show any ads anymore, instead i get a "Make your donation today or gulf hurricane relief" banner! What can i do?

In other pages is sometimes the same thing...


Google does that when it doesnt know what ad would make the most sense on a particular page of your site.

If you want relevant ads on the main page then you need more words about your content on that page.


But this is can i add more words and where?


It seems to be working now.  I just went to your site and saw ads for casinos.

If your having a hard time getting really relevant ads maybe make the descriptions for the boards a little longer.


My ads aren't showing up unless I'm logged in. I want guests to see the ads as well. Is there an upgrade maybe I'm missing? I have v2.3
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