Adding Google ads in post replay manualy

Started by hAnI, December 11, 2006, 11:49:06 AM

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how i can ad manualy a google adsense pub in a post replay like this

thank you
sorry for my English

SMF 1.1
Theme : Musiconica



Quote from: bigguy on December 12, 2006, 12:31:58 AM
Have you installed the ad mod. ???
i can not install the ad mod! in my theme musiconica

i can not put this ads manualy?
thank you


If the ad mod installs with no errors then all you have to do is edit the template files in your theme and it will work.


ok thank you ! it is lake a charm now!

but i have an other problem
i wloud change this color

how i can do?

thank you

EDIT : OK it's right
i have find the solution



how i can ad an google ads in the index of forum but after the news


thank you!!


Has anyone been able to get Ad Management to work with Musiconica theme?
If so... could you PLEASE post it on this site.
I tried doing it but I get errors. I would love to use this with this theme.
Thanks in advance.


Right now the mod doesn't put ads in that location hAnI.
Look in the theme board to know what custom edits to do itsagoodthing