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Hugh Jorgen:
Does anyone have a copy of the index template php file for this theme. I have made all the changes to the other files but can't find [code' body or the next edit. if someone has this file edited could you please post it here. Thank you

Ok, I have not tested this but give it a try. Also if you have all the other template files done and the only modifications done to them are the ad mod would you consider sending them to us ??? We would then be able to put them up for others to use. Here`s the index.template.php:

Hugh Jorgen:
it didn' work, It shoved everything over to the left.

Not sure what i done really, I just named my index template php   index template33 php
Then FTPed your file and re named it index template php . refresh and lost half the site over to the left.
Then swapped the file name back to get my forum back. I'm using TP Mod so is this the problem?

I guess I`ll try it again later and see if I can get it. It shouldn`t have done that at all. ????

Hugh Jorgen:
Actually it pushed the whole forum over to the right not the left, I'm sure it dont really matter but thought i would add that anyway 8)


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