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No Ad Management category under congiguration tab

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Hi all
I have installed tha ad mode V 2.3
but there is no Ad Management category under congiguration tab

Help req.

My smf version
SMF 1.1.2

Make sure the edits are done to the index.php in the ROOT of your SMF install.

I have the same problem.  A space has been made under configuration for the Ad Management link but the link is not there.

superboysahil, tmarvelous, check the default language at server settings in your admin panel. If it set to some other language, but english, then switch it to english. Note: plain english, not english utf8

Indeed, utf-8 breaks it all.

However, I do need to have English-UTF-8 as the default language on my website, to make non-English languages look natural. And I can't avoid this. Is there any possibility to use this mod under utf-8 environment? Or at least - will it become compatible to utf-8?


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