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A Slimmer "Between Posts" Ad Box?


I had to migrate the settings to our board's Babylon-based theme, and I found almost all of them easy to move. The code that puts the ads in between the posts is unusually large, though. Everything else is so elegant in this mod, it really stands out.

I am also not a big fan of the buttons and borders that appear around the ad in the default theme. I decided not to bother migrating the code.

I am wondering if anyone has developed an alternative look for that particular ad placement. If so, please share some code! I think a slimmer option that just puts the ad with no extra whitespace in between the posts might be a nicer look, and it would definitely take less code.

Has anyone built something like what I am describing? I might get around to it at some point, but for now we are experimenting with other ad positions.

Overall this is such a useful addition to SMF, by the way. This is a really minor point here.

not that i know of.. but its not overly that hard to do. i only did it the way i did so that it would look like an actual post. it might convince users to click the ads.. esp. if its texted base ads. just a trick


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