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SSI Integration Fixes Needed


Thanks for the great mod, but I have an improvement to offer. All the changes made to the index.php should also be made to SSI.php. I use SSI to make some of my non-forum pages look just like my forum. I pick up the header area, and it originally broke when I installed the mod.

All that is needed is to make the following changes to the SSI.php, the same way they were made to index.php:
--- Code: ---require_once($sourcedir . '/LoadAds.php');
--- End code ---
right below
--- Code: ---require_once($sourcedir . '/Security.php');
--- End code ---


--- Code: --- // Load all the ads up
--- End code ---
right after

--- Code: --- loadPermissions();
--- End code ---

That fixed up the problems I was seeing.

Thanks for sharing


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