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I really need help with this one. I have been trying for a couple days to get the ad mod on this theme but nothing seems to work.

Steps that I have already done.
1) successfully installed the ad mod under the default theme, tested to make sure it works and yes it displayed a banner.
2) Looked over your instructions for manually editing theme files, but this theme doesnt have some of the code bits to look for like "</td>"
Also this theme doesnt have a Display.template.php

So basically when I try to edit the file index.template.php, even just the section below <body>';, I get the following error

--- Code: ---Template Parse Error! parse error, unexpected '<'
--- End code ---

I have attached the index.template.php to show you what I mean, so at this point I dont know what areas of that file to edit as your instructions dont match what is in this theme file.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Ok I couldn`t find the
--- Code: ---</td>
--- End code ---
either, which means by leaving it out you won`t be able to show ads in the welcome area, but try this file out and see if it works, backup the other one first, ok:

bigguy, thanks for your help, banners now show up using your modified index.template.php just not at the top so I will play with it to see if I can get them working at the top somehow.

Thanks again.

Glad it worked. I had a problem with one edit but at least it works with no errors


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