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Ad Managment Mod_1-0-7_v1-0-2b with Spikey Theme

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Hi Folks.

I have a little problem with Ad Managment Mod. Actually it does not show any banner in index of my board (Spikey, not the default one.) And I am trying to include the codes to index.themplate.php file but I could not manage to make it work.

I would like to show my ads like shown in the picture. Spikey Theme index !!!!

And this is my index.themplate.php file. index.template.php

Thank you very much in advance (Even if you can not help) : )

Well not sure if this will work but it might. If it doesn`t I`ll take another look. Unzip and upload the file, RENAMING the original file FIRST. (just so you have it incase this doesn`t work.)

Unfortunatly it did not do that.

If you have another look I will be really grateful.

Thank you.

I`ll check it out a bit later tonight maybe

Have you had any chance to look at that bigguy. I gonna go mad here....

I tried so many things but neither one of them worked.

Actually wait a second. I am already mad.  :D


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