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Hi All,

I'm sorry if this has been asked quite often but i have installed the add mod (and a few others to which I'm very gratefull) but i want to make my own advert, as i want to have local businesses advertising on my site.

all i intially want is to start with then obviously change this in time

is this possible with the add mod?

thank you for your time

Upload your banner to your site and use the link to it plus the

--- Code: ---[img][/img]
--- End code ---

tags to display it.

Im so sorry to be so thick but that just displays

with only one slash in the end tag if i did it correctly it shows my banner on here am i doing somthing wrong?

Ok, try using these tags:

--- Code: ---<img></img>
--- End code ---

that just displays the url to the link :(

and using both tags together doesnt work either!


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