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Is there a way to turn of Ad reports, it seems to make the site I run go slower. I have phpadsnew running so reports is not needed for me :paladin:

No I don`t believe there is a way to turn it off from the admin panel. I`m sure Jerm would know what code to exclude in order to do this. There shouldn`t be any reason your forum is running slower than before because of this.

open up LoadAds.php and comment all cases you find that matches this:

--- Code: ---updateAddHits($displayBoardAds[$adtemp]['id']);
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---updateAddHits($displayAds[$adtemp]['id']);
--- End code ---

Thanks I will do that.

Should I comment out this that is after each one
//Return all information about the post
            return $displayAds[$adtemp];

no. if you do, your ads wont display lol


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