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Error when trying to install package (

--- Quote ---The package you are trying to download or install is either corrupt or not compatible with this version of SMF.
--- End quote ---

I'm running:
SMF 1.0.7 RC 2
MySQL 5.0.18
Sim Blue theme

Manually running install.php shows this error:

--- Quote ---Fatal error: Call to undefined function: db_query() in /home/.flabby/townsendw3g/ on line 3
--- End quote ---

Everything I've tried so far has been undone. The steps I've taken:

Deleting everything but:

--- Code: ---<?php

--- End code ---
... from index.php, and manually running the query through phpMyAdmin. (Replacing the prefix variable with the actual prefix.) Afterward, attempting to install again (index.php was empty, so I wouldn't get any error message from trying to go the route I did before), resulted in the same Package Manager error.

I've also attempted to edit the files in my template directory and doing things that way. Fearing that I'd majorly screw something up (like forgetting to back up a file, I do that sometimes), I restored everything to the way it was and dropped the 'ads' table from the DB.

Any suggestions?

exactly what version are you running?

1.1 rc2 ?

Thanks for the quick reply. :)

Version Information:
Forum version: SMF 1.0.7

View and Remove Installed Packages
      Mod Name                               Version
1.    MySQL 5.0.12 Compatibility Update   1.0    [ Uninstall ]
2.    SMF 1.0.7 / 1.1 RC2 Update             1.0    [ Uninstall ]

you will need to install this version of the Ad Management mod:

Its not the most up to date version, and doesn't include all of the features but its the latest version that works with 1.0.7


why not make a v2.0 for 1.0.7 too?


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