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Hi there,

1st off, thanks for the hard work on the Ad mod.  It works great for the most part, and this "bug" I'm seeing isn't really a huge deal but it is a little odd so I thought I'd post it up.

I recently upgraded to SMF 1.1 which installed perfectly.  A few days later I downloaded and installed Ad Management 2.0.  This was a fresh, clean install as I had not previously installed Ad Management on my forum.  I am using the Default theme and have mde no modifications to it.

Everything seemed perfect at 1st, but over the past few days I've noticed some strange behavior from the Menu bar.  When you mouse-over any item the entire bar disappears and then re-downloads (you can see IE downloading the items in the lower left corner) and it appears again.  This happens every time you mouse-over the menu, move the mouse away, then mouse-over again.  It only happens on screens that are able to display ads, but the Admin menu screens are not affected. 

Like I said, it's not a biggie but thought I's pass it on.  The forum url is


Well, it seemed to be gettting worse.  Every time I'd mouse-over any link on the forum it would reload many of the images and whole screen would look like it was "flashing".  I uninstalled Ad Management and all is well again.

Please let me know when this bug has been worked out as I really like the core funcitonality of the mod.


Try hard codeing your ads into your forum. I have never heard of this issue before. So maybe its an issue with the ads you are putting in.

The ads were simple HTML (taken of this forum :) ) linking to an image (.gif) with an href to a forum topic.  We never started running any "real" ads as I was still testing functionality.


<p align="center">
<a href=""><img src="" border="0" /> 


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