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Hello guys, i've got a question to the way of Ad-Posts between regular posts.
Is it possible to use the space where normally the userinformation and the avatars are showed?
here is a picture what i mean:

The Problem is, im using Leaderboard-Ads between posts and my Forum is wrapped into a CMS. So when a user with a screen resolution of 1024x786 watch my forum he get's scrollbars around the ad-area. Is there a way using this "unused Space"?
And: There is no chance for me for choosing smaller ads -because i want to keep the Leaderboard-ad!
So in other Forum-Softwares, something like i want is also possible so whats about the SMF.....

You will have to edit Display.template.php
Look at this post:

Hello Jerm, i know this Topic... as you can see, i already posted there before.
In that topic "they" gave me the answer that this method described there is only for removing 2 "parts" of the AD-post.

EDIT: And i just tested your code fpr the display.template.php again - nothing working! Only Template parse error.
Here is my Modified Display.template.php in the attachment - look for yourself.

Jerm I think what G-C is looking for is to have the ad fill the whole page into the profile section.

This is much different than what I'm searching for in not having the re:post and time on top.

I like G-C's idea and will get back to the forum about my topic just haven't had time to play with the code since I have been busy with all my forums with 1.1, tp9.7, gallery1.1.2 and arcade and the other mods.

By the way admod is working great with all the above upgrades on my forums.:D


Okay problem solved:


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