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Ad-mod not working after upgrade from RC3 to SMF 1.1 Full

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Yes you should get rid of all previous versions before updating to the new ad mod.

to get rid of it I must first go to my package manager and click delete
then I have to go to my database and manually delete the tables?

Now, this mod makes modification to my smf files right?
but now that I have upgraded my forum and overwrote all files , that means that the modifications
which this mod did in my first installation are not there and just the database tables are there
right?  so what does the delete function in package manager do? Does it delete only the new files which the mod has made?
It seems that smf mods do not have documentation about what files the mod changes and what tables a mod make!

No you should not click delete but uninstall if there is one if not then you are right click delete. You should not have to touch the db at all I don't think, I never have to. delete only gets rid of the package in the packages folder, nothing else. If you have upgraded all the code will be gone from the template files already. All you should have to do is re-install.


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