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Problem with Neutron Theme
« on: November 29, 2006, 05:14:03 am »
I`m having few problems with the neutron theme.There r few codes which r not in the theme..

THese r the codes which r not present in the neutron theme in index.template.php


What should i do with these codes?     

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Re: Problem with Neutron Theme
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2006, 11:40:49 am »
Well you could leave them out if it's not breaking things. That means that the ads in thse 2 places will not work but all others should be working. Or you could get a copy of the index.template.php file from the default theme and see what is around those lines and then see if the other index.template has it. Just an idea. Maybe you could even rename your index.template.php file to index.template1.php, this way SMF will use the default template and it should already be modified.