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Error - LoadAds.php is missing or corrupt

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Greetings. I installed v2.3 of Ad Management and the Package Manager said installed without issue. However, when I click on Edit Ads under Ad Management I get and error that states that the LoadAds.php file is missing/corrupt from the Sources directory.

I have verified the file is there, manually uploaded a new copy from the zip file to the Sources folder, set rights to 0777 on the file, and still I get the error.

Any thoughts on next steps?

Is that the exact error message? Is the file in your sources spelled exact LoadAds.php

Here is the exact message:

--- Quote ---Issue with the Ad Mod
LoadAds.php is missing/corrupt from your sources directory. Please make sure that it uploaded properly. The Ad mod won't be able to function properly. If you are having issues, please visit!

--- End quote ---
As far as I can tell the name is correct. Capitalization is the same in the error and  for the file that is in the /Sources folder.

I think you are misssing this edit
In your index.php

--- Code: ---require_once($sourcedir . '/Security.php');

--- End code ---
Add after

--- Code: ---if (file_exists($sourcedir . '/LoadAds.php'))
require_once($sourcedir . '/LoadAds.php');

--- End code ---

That was it. Thank you very much!


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