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Ad Placement Between Categories

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Check that you made the edits to your theme. For that to work it edits the boardindex.template.php file.

To find the edits upload the mod to

What file am I uploading to the parser? Sorry new to this...

The .zip file for ad management

When I run the says in the file $themedir/BoardIndex.template.php to edit two codes...

I found the first one and added it...but the second one, I can't find the line of code that I am supposed to paste after (the DIVIDER CLASS). It says...


<tbody class="divider">
               <td colspan="4"></td>


   echo '<tbody><tr><td colspan="4">';
   //Display ads Between cats
   if (function_exists("show_category"))
      $ads = show_category($category['id']);
            echo $ads['content'];
   echo '         </td></tr></tbody>';

So I did a fresh install of SMF 2.0.14 on my test server and modified the files according to the Parser.

The ad that I wanted between the Categories is showing up on top of the Categories. But I still could not find the <tbody class="divider"> section to add the code under.

I also need to have the QueryString.php edited to fix the overlap on the bottom since I have done the fresh install.

Sorry...not trying to be a pain...just trying to get the ad setup so I can move this out to live server. Thank you for your help. Once I get this live will make donation for all the trouble.   :)


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