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Strange display with ads installed

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I recently had to move my SMF forum from a shared server to a VPS server. But in the migration process something got messed up. So this morning I made sure that SMF was at the most recent version (2.0.13). I then installed ad_mod_v3.2_SMF_v2-0. It gave no errors so I installed it after modifying all the needed php files.

So when I go into my Forum I basically get a Forum in a Forum. I am attaching a screen capture to show what I mean.

Can someone please assist me in what needs to be fixed?


Run this query on your database

--- Code: ---alter table smf_ads HITS HITS BIGINT NOT NULL default '0';

--- End code ---

No still getting the same issue.

It is still telling me that the database is at version 2.0.4. But I would have thought that applying the updates to SMF would have resolved that.

That query should do it.

Here is a more recent screen capture


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