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Database error and LoadAds.php issue


Followed the instructions at Then the site would not come up showing a database error. Put the original index.php file back and the site comes up fine and has the Ad functions for adding or editing ads but then it shows the LoadAds.php file missing or corrupt. Tried a few times to upload, deleting the file and uploading again, unzipping the files and uploading a fresh copy but it still comes up missing or corrupt. It's a new domain so I have time to play with it live.

May have fixed it. Carefully redid the modifications to the index.php file and now the database error is gone and the LoadAds.php file no longer indicates missing. Have not actually tried to ad any ADs yet.

I have verified all works now. It was just a goof while modifying the index.php file.

Ok cool let me know if you need anything else.


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