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Hey guys, I've been using this mod and I love it. The problem is that today I had to restore my admin.php file from a backup that predated the install of this mod. The mod functionality seems to otherwise be intact aside from a loss of admin functions from the back end.. Would someone be able to provide a {find} / {replace with} edit of the admin.php file in order for the admin controls to reappear in the admin panel?  I'm assuming that's all I need to regain functionality as that's all that's been changed since I restored.

You can upload the mod zip to
And that will give you the edits that are needed in the source file

It's weird.. I load the mod into the parser, I go into the source/admin.php edits, I search the code listed in "find", and it doesn't find it... Perhaps a previous mod had already edited that part of the code? If I attach my admin file do you think you could have a look?

Can someone please help me? I'm really in a bind with this.. If Someone could just take a minute to look over my admin.php file and see what's going on I would be forever grateful. I've paid the upgrade for the mod if that has any influence :p

Updated file attached


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