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SimplePortal and Ad Seller Pro

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Just curious if Ad Seller Pro (or regular version) plays nicely with simpleportal addon?

Also, I can't figure out the difference between the pro and regular version, sorry that's a bit of a newb question.

Both ad management systems should work with Simple Portal.

Ad Seller Pro was mainly an ad selling system to allow people to buy ad space on your forums.
But also includes more ad placements that ad management mod so you can make more money and includes better tracking options.

Full details

Well, I just purchased and noticed a problem.  I didn't proceed with the install as I just get the following error with a theme I want to use:

Which of the two bottom themes do you use?

You can still proceed we just have make changes manually to the custom tyheme.

I'm trying to apply it to the Urban theme.  :)


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