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Turkish translation.

Wow there is really getting to be alot of translations, cool.

i think it s not working. if i install it in to my turkish board. there snt any link "ad management" under the configuration head.

can u help me


zandar, it is there, it's supposed to say "Reklamlar" just under "Temalar ve Görünüm"

however, theres an encoding problem I'm looking into, I'll post or send a new file soon.

I have removed the remove message as well.

This is due to people with no clue, not reading the directions on the Turkish boards and coming in here. Seeing only one link and then complaining that it was removed. :)
I do hope this message is complicated enough to not look suspicious like the previous :D

Oh and if an admin ever sees this, you may add it to the first message, it is telling users to register to be able to see the file:

Türkçe Dil Dosyasını görüp indirebilmek için lütfen bu siteye üye olun! Dosya bu konunun ilk mesajına eklenmiştir, ancak sadece üyeler indirebilmektedirler. Teşekkürler.

dosyayı şu şekilde kaydedin:
--- Quote ---Themes/default/languages/Ads.turkish.php
--- End quote ---
Reklamları görmesini istediğiniz üye gruplarını izinlerden ayarlayabilirsiniz.


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