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installing issue on DarkBreak for SMF 2.0


I am using SMF 2.0 with the custom them darkbreak (;dl=item189)

I get these errors when trying to install it it:

--- Code: ---        DarkBreak
      Execute Modification    ./Themes/darkbreak_20rc3/index.template.php    Test failed
      1.    Replace    ./Themes/darkbreak_20rc3/index.template.php    Test successful
      2.    Add After    ./Themes/darkbreak_20rc3/index.template.php    Test failed
      3.    Add After    ./Themes/darkbreak_20rc3/index.template.php    Test failed
      4.    Add After    ./Themes/darkbreak_20rc3/index.template.php    Test failed
      5.    Add Before    ./Themes/darkbreak_20rc3/index.template.php    Test failed
--- End code ---

can someone please help me install this and if you need any more info, just ask.


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