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it adds 2 ads at a time

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I am getting double entries as well. It is true, apparently the mod script was added twice. If I delete one of the double, then both instances are automatically deleted, if I activate the ad, it appers twice. How do you fix that? Please tell me where to look and which template to edit.

yes me too how to do on its ?
why its like that?
can programer fix?
and how to edit??
thanks you


--- Quote from: thefley on September 01, 2010, 12:52:51 pm ---SMF 1.1.11

when I go to make an add it makes 2 of the same ones,  see attaced pics.   how so i fix this?

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--- Quote from: thefley on September 03, 2010, 08:52:49 am ---Ok fixed. thx

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Any chance you can share how you fixed the double posting with the rest of us?


This may not help everyone, but I did the following and it seemed to work.  On the presumption that loading the Ad Management program twice would have changed certain files, I carefully examined my file directories, one at a time.

I found that certain ".php" files were duplicated.  In other words "XXX.php" was immediately followed by a file labeled "XXX.php~".

I assumed that the "XXX.php~" was an earlier file that did not contain the code that caused the ads to post twice.  So I did the following:

1. Changed the current file "XXX.php" to "XXX-old.php"  which makes it a non-recognizable file, and
2. Changed the earlier file "XXX.php~" to "XXX.php" by removing the "~".

By doing this for every file in all the directories, I restored the functionality of Ad Management so that it only posts one ad per ad inputted.

CAVEAT: I am not a php guru or, for that matter, that good at any of this stuff. I learned to compute on a Burroughs 5500 in 1965 and did most of my work on a Log-Log DeciTrig Slide Rule.  So this may be dumb luck that it worked and may not work for everyone.  On the other hand if you see the same combination of ".php" files in your file directory, you might want to give it a try.  Do not erase the files you mark with "-old" as you may need them in the future or to restore functionality if my fix doesn't work.


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