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Cant diable ads for member groups

Started by Alex Remis, April 22, 2010, 12:39:58 AM

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Alex Remis

So..I currently use:
SMF 2.0 RC3, MySQL - 5.1.30, PHP - 5.2.4, Country Flags 1.1.1, SMFShop , Countdown BBCode 1.3, Member Color Link 3.0.8, Ad Managment , Advanced Reputation System 1.8.1, RSS Feed Icon 1.1, Custom Form Mod 1.6, SMF Staff Page 1.7, Favicon 1.3, last login 2.2 , Bakers Dozen Pages 1.2, SimplePortal 2.3.2, AjaxChat Integration 3.2.1(SMF 2RC3), Join date in Posts 1.0, Admin member list registration date 1.1 and Sitemap 2.1.2

NOTE: Ad Management
I have it installed and it mostly works...I get ads in the areas I want them but they don't work in the tower and such...that's ok, I don't want those ads anyway.

The problem I am having is that I cannot disable them for any of the member groups.  He toggle it there and I can select it...but no matter what, you can see the ads.

The "disable for admins" works's just the user groups that I can't turn them off for.

Also...I have the ads running on a multitude of locations (posts and Cats) and only the first few ad spots in the cats work...same with posts.   As you get near the bottom of the page they stop showing up.

Any ideas on these 2 problems?  The disabling is WAY more important..I can probably fix the other one on my own...but I am stumped as far as the disabling thing goes.