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Nice to know everything is ok with him..

Looking for the left and right tower. Would this go in the Grey section? or will I have to run the site in Wide Mode?

I may be asking to much here. but I don't want to change up the forum size..  and I'm thinking we can't get the towers in my "Open" area on the left and Right.

It would look ok in the fluid width setting where it is full size when you click on the icon in the top right.
But the narrow view would really narrow down the forum and it would be mostly ad space.
That gray area would not be something I would be able to add the ad code to.that would require theme designer work to see if they can do that it gets really tricky since the theme can be resized with the icons in the top right area

Hum...  is there a screen shot of that anywhere..  of the towers. I was looking for one but couldn't find it.  adding the towers in Fluid width would bring the forum area back to about the size it is.  but the top would be full size, right?  I may be able to adjust that..

I'm going to have to think about it. I know the day will come when Im going to need it.  so..  let me think about it.

Is there a screen shot?

(Edit) Looks like I can adjust the Fluid wide..  and maybe make up for some..

Yea.  lets do this. Tell me what you need.  I can leave them unpublished for now right. until I sell some space there right?

What I really need is the ability to show more than one Banner at a time..  I want to sell none rotating add space there.
can we do this?  Like 160 px wide By different Hights?

Thanks VB

^Bump^ ;D
I realized all I have to do is add to the section all new banners.. so no I don't need multiple locations within the towers.

Can you do this for me?


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