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PAID Modify Custom Themes

We also can modify a custom theme for you with ad management.

Fee is $15 per theme.
Payment we accept is paypal.
What we need is the complete of your site in order to accomplish this.
We can have the theme modified within 48hours in most cases.

No longer accepting any work.

Could be 6 $ ?

$15 is as low as I can go.

Looking to have my theme adjusted to except the Left and Right Tower.. Jerm has done a lot of work for me a couple years ago.  but I'm thinking he's no longer here? ( I hope everything is ok with him)  I am willing to pay more than 15$.  more like a Steak Dinner for 2 ;D

Site is

Jerm left a while back I think a year and half ago and I then took over.

What adblocks do you want added to your theme?


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